September 2016, Issue #6
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Below are articles and summaries of magnesium related stories. IMA Member companies are asked to distribute the IMA News to their employees. IMA member company employees wishing to receive the monthly IMA News issues should send their email addresses to the IMA World Headquarters. We appreciate all member company press releases and announcements for inclusion in the monthly IMA News issues. Please send your news to

July 2016, Issue #5

IMA Awards of Excellence Winners Announced in Rome

IMA Engages Ewald Consulting as New Association Management Co

JMA Magnesium Newsletter Japan

China Magnesium Report – July 2016

CRM Alliance Quarterly Newsletter - Summer 2016

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IMA Awards of Excellence Winners Announced in Rome

Awards of Excellence were presented on the final day at the Closing Reception & Banquet of the 73rd Annual World Magnesium Conference in Rome, Italy. There are 5 five award categories and IMA is proud to present the winners.

Design - Cast Product Automotive Category
Georg Fischer GmbH & Co KG for Upper Door Frame

Application Category
Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles for Magnesium die-cast liftgate inner

Design - Cast Product Commercial Category
Chicago White Metal Casting Inc. for Keyboard Chassis Casting and Screen Frame Casting

Design - Wrought Product Category
National Engineering Research Center for Magnesium Alloys of Chongqing University, ShanXi YinGuang Magnesium Group Co. Ltd for A novel asymmetric extrusion technology for mass production of magnesium alloy sheet

Process Category
Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. for Selective Laser Melting of Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys

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IMA Engages Ewald Consulting as New Association Management Company

August 9, 2016, Saint Paul, MN - On behalf of the Board of Directors and as your President, we are very pleased to announce the engagement of our new association management company, Ewald Consulting (EC). Ewald Consulting was engaged by the IMA June 1, 2016 to effect the transition between management groups and 2017 conference planning. As of August 1, 2016, EC is now full-time association management group for the IMA.
Ewald Consulting will assume overall association management for the IMA, employing a talented team that will be providing enhanced and full association services to IMA’s membership, including financial management, membership services, communications and media, event planning, strategic planning, and website management.

Ewald Consulting is one of the fastest-growing and longest-standing association management companies in the industry. The EC team has served organizations across five continents and in 28 states, addressing the needs and requirements to support the IMA’s international membership coupled with many of the EC team members are certified association management executives (CAE).

We are very excited to provide the IMA membership with the services and leadership of Ralph Gervasi, CAE who will now be serving as the IMA’s Executive Vice President (EVP). Ralph joins EC and the IMA with several years of association management experience and will be located in the Chicago offices of Ewald Consulting. Ralph’s direct telephone is 847-447-1702 and email (

Gervasi comes to Ewald Consulting with over 26 years of association experience. Most recently he has been providing consulting services to a number of European I.T. non-profit associations with a concentration in organization, strategic development, product development, serving member needs and sound financial management. In the prior 15 years, Ralph served COMMON Users Group, which is the world’s largest user group for IBM-technologies. He spent the last 10 years of his tenure at COMMON as their Executive Director/CEO. Gervasi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from DeVry University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Dominican University. He is a long-time member of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and the Association Forum of Chicago.

Ewald Consulting is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, (

IMA’s New Address:
International Magnesium Association
1000 Westgate Drive, Suite 252
St. Paul, MN 55114-1067 USA
Telephone: +1 651-379-7305
Fax: +1 651-290-2266

Contacts for related areas of the IMA management and operations are as follows:

Services – All services for day-to-day operation of the International Magnesium Association (IMA) will be handled in the Saint Paul, Minnesota and Chicago, Illinois offices of Ewald Consulting and are as follows:

IMA Management
Ralph Gervasi, Executive Vice President
International Magnesium Association
847-447-1702, Chicago Office

Amanda Ewald,
651-290-7476, Saint Paul Office

Conference, Seminars
Erin Wickens,
847-447-1703, Chicago Office

Communications (Newsletters, Website)
Sue Peterson,
847-447-1704, Chicago Office

The IMA Association Selection Committee was headed by Committee Chair, Ms. Susan Slade and her team - Ken White, Todd Olsen, Tony LoCoco, Cam Tissington and myself. I wish to thank Susan for her excellent leadership and the efforts of her and the team for this important process.

Please welcome Ralph Gervasi and his team at Ewald Consulting to the IMA, as we continue to work together to grow the use and applications of magnesium.

Jan Guy
IMA President

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JMA Magnesium Newsletter Japan

The Japan Magnesium Association


News in Japan
  • Panasonic released Analog phonoplayer “SL-1200G”
  • Covering magnesium particle in oxidation-resistant manner, preventing deterioration
    of organic substance
  • Magnesium plays major part in biological clock

News in Japan

Domestic Magnesium Market April, 2016

Panasonic released Analog phonoplayer “SL-1200G”
(Source; “Mynavi News”, 27th April, 2016)

On April 27, Panasonic announced Analog phonoplayer “SL-1200G” by Technics brand name, which will be on sale on Sep. 9 by build-to-order manufacturing. Pretax suggested retail price is 330,000 yen.

Panasonic announced Analog phonoplayer “SL-1200GAE” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Technics on Mar 24. 300 units limited sale for Japan domestic and started accepting reservation on Apr 12. Only 30 minutes after, it was sold-out.

This SL-1200G is ranked as the regular model whose specification is almost same as SL-1200GAE. Tonearm pipe is made by Magnesium. Adopted Technics traditional gimbal-suspension systems which enabled both horizontal and vertical axis cross at one point. Special bearing system is adopted which uses machined housing at tonearm bearing part, which enables record disc trace accurately.

Covering magnesium particle in oxidation-resistant manner, preventing deterioration of organic substance
(Source; "ALUTOPIA”, June, 2016)

At new technology briefing by both Nagaoka University of technology and Niigata Institute of technology held on May 19, Magnesium metal particle tunicated by unoxidized organic substance and its manufacturing process were made public. Speaker was Professor Hisayuki Suematsu major in Technology Institute of nuclear systems safety engineering. Outline is as follows,

  • Outline of new technology
    Pulsed Wire Discharge method featuring pulse turning on electricity with rapid heating followed by rapid cooling, made it possible to cover magnesium particle in oxidation-resistant manner, preventing deterioration of organic substance in atmosphere of organic fume/vapor. This method enables to produce unoxidized magnesium metal nanosized powder by Pulsed Wire Discharge equipment which suits large variety - small quantity - production.

  • Comparison to both conventional technology and rivalry technology
    Under conventional technology, it was necessary to soak in kerosene to prevent rapid magnesium metal oxidation during storage. It was quite difficult to make magnesium particle diameter smaller and 6 micron have been best effort so far. New technology enables 20 to 500 nanometer diameter, storgeable one month in air-atmosphere at room temperature.

Magnesium plays major part in biological clock.
(Source; "ALUTOPIA”, June, 2016)

New research findings about Magnesium was published in the science magazine Nature, which says circadian rhythm was observed in Mg2+ density variation in cells, which means function to keep biological clock time accurate, in other words.

Researched by Edinburgh university UK and Laboratory of Molecular Biology MRC, Mg2+ density moves up and down on 24 hour cycle in both Human cell and tiny microbes, which variation is confirmed to be extremely important for keeping up biological clock in each cell.

Given that Mg2+ is important as ATP cofactor, this ion density variation may control cell energy consumption on the cycle of 24 hour cycle.

Domestic Magnesium Market - April, 2016
(Source: April issue of Import/Export Statistics (customs clearance basis) of METI - Compiled by The Japan Magnesium Association)

Based on Import/Export Statistics of April 2016, magnesium metal import was 2,693.8 tons (14.3% increase from the same month the year before), magnesium powder 358.6 tons (29.6% decrease), and other products 137.4 tons (10.3% increase). The year-to-year basis in metal and other products except powder showed plus and the total amount of import in April was 3,189.8 tons (5.9% increase) going stable.

The metal category consisted of 2,259.9 tons of pure magnesium (23.4% increase from the same month the year before), showed steady recovery, including first 5 tons shipment from Turkey where refinery had been reportedly under construction. There are as yet no visible signs of recovery for 424.4 tons of die-casting alloys (18.1% significant decrease). While no high purity magnesium was imported two consecutive months since March, casting alloy soared up to 9.5 tons (41.8% increase).

The average import price of magnesium metal has been descending since beginning of 2016, experienced slight rise in March but the average price of pure magnesium in April was 211.7 yen per kg which is 13.4 yen or 5.9% decrease month-to-month basis, which is lowest level since July 2006. The import price from Turkey was 225.8 yen per kg. The price of magnesium alloys decreased down to 265.5 yen per kg (7.0 yen per kg or 2.6% decrease month-to-month basis three consecutive months).

As for the total amount of import from January to April 2016, magnesium metal was 8,322.6 tons (18.6% decrease from the same period the year before), magnesium powder was 1,453.4 tons (8.3% decrease) and other products was 740.8 tons (21.3% increase). Consequently the grand total amount of import from January to April was 10,516.8 tons, 15.4% decrease from the same period the year before.

Export of magnesium in April 2016 consisted of both 12 kg of pure magnesium (140.0% increase from the same period the year before) and magnesium alloys exported to USA was 0 tons in April two consecutive months. Powder and granule were 0 kg as well and other products were 0.6 tons (88.9% decrease) , 0.5 tons of others were exported to China.

As for the total amount of export from January to April 2016, magnesium alloy metal was 144.2 tons (64.4% decrease from the same period the year before), magnesium powder was 1.2 tons (41.4% decrease) and others was 4.3 tons (60.1% decrease). Significantly decreased in all categories.

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China Magnesium Report - July 2016

High strength magnesium alloy casting technology makes key progress in propelling long-march rocket

June 25,2016, China's new generation of carrier rocket, Long March 7, was launched in Wenchang, Hainan. About 603 seconds saw the load body and rocket successfully separated, entering into elliptical orbit of 394 km of apogee and 200 km of perigee. Long March 7 rocket was first launched successfully. Researchers from Chinese Academy of Sciences said the magnesium alloy they designed and developed provides key technical support for Long-March 7, and this also shows the key progress of high strength magnesium alloy melting and casting technology.

The magnesium alloy castings in the long- march 7 rocket is made of high strength magnesium alloy, with large size, special and complex structure. Moreover, the casting, which puts higher requirements on casting with bearing capacity, has been set as the technical bottleneck of short-term risk, and its development progress has always been highly concerned from all parties concerned.

Upon more than six years of hard work, researchers including Mr. Ke Wei, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and others from Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, designed general technology scheme, casting process, heat treatment process, mechanical processing technology scheme and surface treatment, and completed 15 procedure research and development tasks covering resin sand preparation, melting and casting, chemical analysis, mechanical analysis, defect treatment, detection of inclusion, heat treatment, CNC machining, X-ray radiographic inspection, surface fluorescence detection, three coordinates measuring size, and parts of the surface grinding polishing.

For development process, the researchers carefully studied and designed casting tooling, pouring and feeding riser system, cold iron, casting reinforcing ribs, cavity exhaust hole layout, sand flame retardant, smelting process, protective casting and sand mold cavity protection, and mechanical deformation of the anti-deforming process and special tooling. As the metallurgical quality of magnesium alloy castings is highly sensitive to the process parameters, in order to accurately control the technological parameters of each process, research group developed 19 process documents and eighteen production files to control the development of process technology. Even so, for each step, the researchers are required to confirm the technical program and process parameters on the scene and carried out implementation. A total of 80 tests were implemented from the process of pre research to sample development and preparation related three times technology demonstration program, second-turn process scheme evaluation, and second process management. Presently, the research team basically realizes up-to-standard product in terms of structure, chemical composition, mechanical properties, accuracy of size, weight and surface protection.

On June 25, 2016, the magnesium-made unit successfully came through the first flight mission with the Long March seven in Hainan Space Launch Center, and played an important technical support for the new generation of launch rocket in China. Recently, the research team received congratulatory message from related customers.

International and domestic standard working conference of magnesium alloy was held in Chongqing

On June 7th, international and domestic standards working conference for magnesium alloy in 2016 was held in Chongqing. It was chaired by Mr. Xi Huan, secretary general of Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy International Standardization Technology Committee of ISO (ISO/TC79/SC5), and deputy secretary of National Committee on the standardization of Non-Ferrous Metal Standardization Technical Committee. Mr. Panfusheng, chairman of Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy International Standardization Technology Committee of ISO, addressed the conference with his topic related to the development of new trends and new measures for the development of magnesium alloy international and domestic standards. More than 50 scientific and technical members from more than 20 institutes attended the conference.

Some domestic standards went through discussion. The former includes magnesium and magnesium alloy chemical analysis methods--lithium content determination (ISO/WD20258), and magnesium-lithium alloy ingot(ISO/PWI), while domestic standards cover magnesium alloy automobile seat billet, magnesium smelting special equipment , and heater-using magnesium alloy sacrificial anode. The conference stressed high and international levels for related standards.

They also discussed the arrangements for magnesium and magnesium alloy International Standards conference which will be kicked off in H2(2016) in Tokyo. The conference requires relevant units in China must positively take part, and make full preparation for the discussion of some international standards.

ISO/TC79/SC5 (magnesium and magnesium alloy) Standardization Committee of international organization for Standardization (ISO) was established in 1980, and is specialized in preparing and revising related magnesium and magnesium alloy international standards.

Source: National Engineering Research Center for Magnesium Alloys

Qinghai magnesium integrated project came through intermediate handover

On July 1, China Chemical Engineering Second Construction Corporation handed over the intermediate project to Qinghai Salt Lake. The project covers 100kt/a of magnesium integrated facilities related to electrolysis workshop, casting workshop and public construction. Project started in February 2012.

The project is located in the city of Golmud in Qinghai, with a total investment of about 15.8 billion yuan. It employs independent intellectual property DMTO and olefin separation process. Its main construction includes 100kt/a of primary magnesium, 1 million tons of methanol and olefins, 160kt of polypropylene, 500kt of poly chloro ethylene, one million tons of soda ash, 2.4 million tons of coke, 800kt of calcium carbide, and 100kt of calcium chloride.

Hebi Fumaite Metal provides magnesium hub for super sports car

Recently, Fumaite Metal, located in Hebi National Economic and Technological Development Zone of Hebi, provides magnesium alloy billet for one customer from Taiwan, and the billet will be used in super sports car. Mr. Feng Jiangang, GM of Fumaite Metal said “From the beginning of May, we have manufactured 20t of magnesium alloy billet for SuperAlloy in Taiwan. Now we are negotiating with SuperAlloy as for the H2(2016) order.”

SuperAlloy is the largest maker for super sports car hub worldwide. It ranks No.1 for super racing car hub and No.2 for luxury car wheel worldwide. Because the magnesium alloy hub has the advantages of light weight, good damping capacity and high strength, SuperAlloy decides to replace the aluminum alloy wheel hub with magnesium alloy one for super sports car.

Production workshop (screenshot from Hebi network)

Fumaite Metal specializes in deep processing of magnesium alloy products, and related R & D. It is the leading enterprise for magnesium extrusion products in China.

Yinguang Yuyuan received 5 awards in Shanghai Die-Casting Expo

On July 12, The 11th Shanghai Die-Casting Expo was kicked off in Shanghai Expo Center, and the booth of Yinguang Yuyuan attracted widespread attention. Yinguang Yuyuan submits filter housing product for the competition of excellent castings held in the Expo, and received 5 awards, i.e. network attraction award, gold award casting, gold award die, high quality casting, and high quality die.

It was the second time that Yinguang Yuyuan participated in Die-Casting Expo. The company, through sound, light and electricity comprehensive display, presented own advantages from core competitiveness cultivation, four kinds of molding process, perfect mould and machining & testing measures. The company exhibited magnesium alloy engine bracket, gear box cover and filter shell products, which draw affirmative attention from many auto makers. During the Expo, the company signed cooperation intention or established on-site communication with and FAW Toyota Research Institute, Geely Automobile Research Institute, Voith, Lear China and Shanghai Carbody.

During the Expo, Gasgoo also held network interview to dominant enterprises of auto parts. Mr. Sunqiang, chairman of Yinguang Yuyuan, accepted the interview and said the application deadlock of magnesium alloy is now broken with increasingly prosperous future.

Yunhai Special Metals announced its military certification for magnesium alloy extrusion is under way

On July 20, Yunhai Special Metals announced the company is applying for military certification for its magnesium alloy extrusion.

Yunhai Special Metals mainly engages in non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing business. Its main products include aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, master alloy, die-casting and strontium, which are mainly used in the 3C and automotive industry.

Ethical approval for medical magnesium alloy bone nails developed by Eontec is being carried out

On July 20th, Eontec announced the company's medical magnesium alloy bone nails are currently undergoing ethical approval. Upon ethical approval, its clinical trials can be applied for.

Eontec professionally engages in new materials R & D, design, production and sale as one of the national high and new technology enterprises. Its products application is very extensive, mainly involving multiple areas of consumer electronics, new energy automotive, medical, communication infrastructure, large LED wall and industrial parts.

Hebi Changhong Magnesium has 10kt/a of magnesium alloy special projects recorded

Recently, Hebi Changhong Magnesium has filled its 10kt/a special magnesium alloy project. Local government said the project conforms to the guidance of national industrial structure adjustment catalogue (2013 reviewed edition) and therefore approved its filling.

The project implemented by Hebi Changhong Magnesium, with an annual output of 10kt of special magnesium alloy, attracts a total investment of 40 million RMB yuan. Its construction site locates in Jinshan Industrial Area, Hebi City, with construction period from May 2016 to December 2016.

The project doesn’t need new workshop, with process technology ranging from mold preparation, metal smelting, casting and demolding. Its main equipment includes water softener, transmission system, baking furnace, laboratory device, and CNC molding machine.

China's primary magnesium production by June
Statistics by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association indicated output of primary magnesium from Jan. to May 2016 hit 347.2kt, an increase of 7.81% y-on-y. Among them, Shaanxi contributed 182.8kt, up 22.2%; Shanxi 59.5kt, down 34.36%; and Ningxia 55.5kt, up 115.24%.

Output of primary magnesium by June 2016
Output by geography (unit: kt)
Jan. - May.


Total % Change


Inner Mongolia

Exports continue to decline in H2(2016)

Data from China Customs said export of magnesium products closed at 212.2kt, up 0.87% y-on-y, of which, magnesium unwrought came to 111.7kt, down 0.4%; magnesium alloy 62.1kt, up 12.3%; powder 33.6kt, down 19.31%; magnesium article 3kt, up 11.48 %, and magnesium article 1.5kt, down 17.85.

Exports of Magnesium Products closed June 2016 (Unit: t)
Magnesium Unwrought
(min. 99.8%)
Other Magnesium and Alloy Unwrought
Waste and Scrap
Magnesium raspings/turnings/granules according to size & powders
Magnesium Wrought
Magnesium Articles
Monthly Total


Sunlight Metal collects and publishes, through, daily ingot quotation from key magnesium production regions objectively, independently and systematically. Being taken into account the viewpoints from both supplier and consumers, Sunlight Metal price, rationally reflecting the change in market, is the most authoritative in domestic magnesium sector for years running. For more detail and inquiry, pls. contact us at

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CRM Alliance Quarterly Newsletter– Summer 2016

Benefits of Critical Materials - Why Critical Materials are Crucial for the EU's Economy and Competitiveness

In the issue:

  • CRM Profiles: Gallium, Fluorspar & Magnesium
  • CRM Day – CRMs in the Circular Economy (27 September 2016)
  • MMTA’s Annual Conference
  • EcoPhos: Grand Opening of Technophos
  • Turkish Magnesium Producer ESAN at 25% of Capacity
  • Senate Approves Bill to Boost Critical Minerals
  • S. Extends Anti-Dumping Duties on Magnesium Alloys
  • European Commission Takes Legal Action Against Export Restrictions on Chinese CRM
  • Publication of Raw Materials Scoreboard
  • Commission Publishes TTIP Proposal on Energy & Raw Materials

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Member News

AMACOR Commissioning Second 25,000 MT Production Line

Alliance Magnesium to Close a $5,700,000 Private Placement

LMG MoU with RWE Power ..for a German magnesium plant = Boom

Die Casting 101: Hot Chamber vs. Cold Chamber

Ultra Lightweight Magnesium Technology

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Industry News

Review: Fourth Automotive Lightweight Supply-Chain Symposium

Magnesium: The Light Metal with Solid Industrial Markets and Great Future Potential

Magnesium demand to grow at 3.4%/year, driven by auto use: Roskill

Magnesium Metal Market to expand at a CAGR of 7.3%, by 2026

Research report explores the global metal magnesium market size, share, growth, trends, demand and forecast 2021

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