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Welcome to your new IMA member newsletter. This newsletter offers a streamlined method for disseminating news and information to IMA members. Look to the IMA News to be your main source for important and compelling news about the magnesium industry, the Association, and related topics.

Below are articles and summaries of magnesium related stories. IMA Member companies are asked to distribute the IMA News to their employees. IMA member company employees wishing to receive the monthly IMA News issues should send their email addresses to the IMA World Headquarters. We welcome the opportunity to share important news about your company and its operations, leadership changes, and other newsworthy information. Send company press releases or an email detailing your news for consideration to

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Issue 7: July 2017
Issue 6: June
Issue 5: May/June
Issue 4: April
Issue 3: March
Issue 2: February
Issue 1: January

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